If you are experiencing the JW-1010 error, please ensure your operating system and browser version meet our minimum requirements.

Windows 7 & Internet Explorer

From July 10th we no longer support episode playback on both the My5.tv and Milkshake.tv website using Internet Explorer on Windows 7 PCs. 

If you attempt to play episodes you will be presented with the error JW-1010. 

We apologise for the inconvenience. If you are a Windows 7 user, please use Chrome or Firefox browsers to view your favourite programmes on the My5 or Milkshake website.

Firefox, Chrome & Edge

If you receive this same error when using Firefox, Chrome or Edge browser, it's possible you have content protection disabled. To enable this feature, please following the instructions below.

Chrome (Version 35+)

Menu > Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Protected Content. 

Ensure that the following option is enabled: 'Allow sites to play protected content (recommended)'. 

Firefox (Version 47+)

Menu > Options > Content > DRM Content.

Ensure that the following option is enabled: 'Play DRM Content'. 

Edge (Version 14+)

Menu > Settings > View Advanced Settings

Ensure that the following option is enabled: 'Let sites save protected media licenses on my device'.