How can I share video with my friends?

Demand 5 supports sharing through social networks and e-mail.

You will find three sharing options next to each video: Like, Post this to Twitter and Email to a friend.

Sharing Demand 5 content on Facebook 

To share on Facebook, click the Facebook Like button on the right hand side of the video player. 

  • A link to the video will appear in your Recent Activity list on your Facebook profile page. Other users may see this activity on their Facebook Timeline and on other pages on Facebook.
  • You can add a comment when you Like the content. This is optional. If you add a comment, it will be posted to your Facebook Timeline and your Facebook profile page.
  • Next to the button, you will see the number of people who have recommended this video on Facebook.

Sharing Demand 5 content on Twitter

To share on Twitter: 

  1. Click the Post this to Twitter link
  2. Log in to Twitter
  3. Edit the wording of the tweet (optional)
  4. Click the Tweet button to post your tweet 

Sharing Demand 5 Content via E-mail

To share via email: 

  1. Click the Email to a friend link
  2. Fill in your friend’s e-mail address and your name
  3. Write a short message (optional)
  4. Fill in the ReCaptcha field to verify your submission
  5. Click Send Message