Why can't I stream shows directly from the website on my device?

To watch Demand 5 content on channel5.com through a web browser, you will need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your device.

If Adobe Flash Player is not installed, you may experience playback problems, or the service may not load.

Some devices are susceptible because:

  • They can only run an old version of Adobe Flash Player 
  • They don't run any version of Adobe Flash Player 

For example:

  • The version of Adobe Flash Player on the Wii is too old to stream content from channel5.com
  • Adobe Flash Player cannot be installed on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Wii U and some other devices
  • Adobe Flash Player has been discontinued on Android. While the final build (version 11.1) can be installed on devices running Android 2.x to version 4.0.x, it may cause unexpected problems

Fixing Flash problems

Please check with your manufacturer to determine whether Adobe Flash Player can be installed on your device. Download and install the Adobe Flash Player software, then restart your device and try streaming the content again.

If Adobe Flash Player is already installed, please check the version number. Demand 5 requires Adobe Flash Player 11 or above.

Accessing Demand 5 content without Flash

If you cannot stream content from channel5.com, please download and install a Demand 5 app for your device, if one is available.