How do I control the Demand 5 video player?

The Demand 5 video player is controlled in the same way on all devices. It follows the same conventions as most catch-up and Video On Demand (VOD) services.

To control the player:

  • Click or tap the play button to play and pause the video
  • Click and drag the playhead left and right to fast-forward and rewind
  • Click the i icon to get information on the show
  • Click the S icon to switch subtitles on and off
  • Click the speaker icon to open the volume control. Drag the slider up and down to change the volume
  • Click the full screen icon to open the video at full screen size

Please note: you can't fast-forward or rewind during ads.

If you are watching on, you can control the video player user your keyboard. For more information, see the following topic: How do I control the video player using my computer keyboard?