Why can't I hear any sound on my iPhone/iPad?

Some users may find that they can't hear any sound when watching shows using the Demand 5 app on iPhone or iPad.

If this happens to you, please ensure that the mute switch is in the OFF position on your device. 

The mute switch is usually positioned on the side of the iPhone/iPad, and will look something like this (note that it's appearance will vary slightly depending on the model of iPhone/iPad you have):

The mute switch in this photo is in the ON position. If your switch looks like this, please move it to the OFF position.

  • Try to play the show again

  • If you still have problems, try following the steps in our Video playback checklist to ensure you're not having any internet connection problems

We are aware that in some cases this does not resolve the problem and some users may still not be able to hear any sound. We are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

If you still have problems, please contact our Customer Services team, and provide them with these specific details:

  1. Model of iPhone/iPad - e.g. iPhone 4S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 2, etc

  2. iOS Version - e.g. 7, 8.4 - you can get this information from your "Settings -> About" menu

  3. The show, series and episode are you trying to watch

Alternatively, you can watch Demand 5 on one of these other devices.