MPE-1003 - Playback errors

The MPE-1003 error affects the television-based version of the app and is one that our Tech Team have been looking into with a view to replicating it in a testing environment to then isolate and resolve it.

We are in the process of purging the extensive coding that sits behind the My5 TV app and working to transfer to a new system that we believe will be much more reliable and stable.

This work is going to take several weeks to complete but as part of the process we will be working through and checking every line of code to ensure that the new version of the app is as robust and reliable as possible, so could I please ask you for patience whilst we look into this, although I do fully appreciate your frustration when this error interrupts your viewing and, in some instances, freezes the app completely.

It’s for that reason that we’re undertaking this complete purge of the code to ensure that these kinds of error are kept to an absolute minimum but, in the meantime, the MPE-1003 error is usually intermittent so you shouldn't see it constantly and you may be able to restart your device to clear the error.

Thanks again for your patience whilst we look to complete this work and apologies again for the problems that you’ve experienced as a result of this error.

If you see this issue recur we'd be grateful if you would report it here. We will be keeping all of those affected by this error updated on our progress in resolving it.

The Channel 5 support team.