Problems registering/signing in to My5 Android mobile app

Some users are experiencing problems registering or signing in to the My5 Android mobile app. Such problems may include:

Sign in

A glitch with the email address field, in which the app is automatically adding an extra space. This extra space causes the login to fail but an error message is not displayed. If you have this problem then please manually delete the extra space before tapping the Sign in button.


An issue with other fields (such as First name, Last name and Postcode), where if you hit the Enter key on your keyboard the app appears to be deleting the text you have entered. In fact, the text is not deleted, it is just moved above the visible area of the text field. If you experience this problem you can tap your Backspace/Delete key. We also recommend tapping the next field rather than using the Enter key.

We are planning to release fixes for these problems as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out for a new version of the app in the app store.

Many thanks for your patience while we resolve this issue.