Ongoing problems with the My5 app for Roku

Some users are experiencing problems using the My5 app for Roku devices. Such problems may include:

App crashing during playback after selecting "Exit and view all episodes"

The app may crash if you choose "More episodes" from the bottom of the screen during playback, and then choose "Exit and view all episodes". To prevent this happening to you, please use the back button on the remote to back out of playback to view more episodes.

Can't close Accessibility Settings

In some cases, you may not be able to close the Accessibility Settings after selecting * on the remote control. To avoid this problem, if you wish to change your accessibility settings from within the player, please press * while the player information is still showing.

Please accept our apologies for these problems. We are working to fix them as quickly as possible and hope to have a new version of the app available within the next few days.