RESOLVED: Problems with app functionality on iPhones running iOS 14.3

*** RESOLVED: We believe that this issue has now been resolved. However, if you are still experiencing this error, please contact us ***

We have become aware of problems with the functionality of the My5 app on iPhones running iOS 14.3 and our Tech Team are working to understand the cause of these issues and how to fix them.

When trying to access show pages there is an intermittent issue whereby the show page partially loads before the app returns to the homepage. This does seem to happen sporadically so if you do experience this issue please try accessing the show page again and it should load properly.

However, we have also become aware of a similar problem with some content that means that episodes aren’t playing but are instead directing you back to the homepage.

Thanks for your patience whilst we work to resolve this issue and apologies for any inconvenience caused by the problems we are experiencing with this.

All My5 content should still be available and play correctly on other platforms, including the website.