VJS-2010 Error on My5 app on Hisense Roku Televisions

We have become aware of a problem in which some users are presented with a VJS-2010 error message when trying to play episodes in the My5 app on their Hisense Roku TV.

As part of our investigation into this issue we have been working with the team at Roku and have been able to identify an update that we believe may have caused the problems we've been experiencing.

A change is now being rolled out to all users, which should be in place within the next 24 hours and hopefully resolve the issue, however if you wanted you can also pull the fix through manually by going to Settings > System > System Update on your device.

We're confident that this will fix the problems we've been seeing over the past few days, but if you are still having issues after the update has been installed, please contact us here and we will look into this further for you.

Thanks and apologies for the problems we've been experiencing with this.