VPN Access Blocked On My5 - CA-3001 or Unknown Error Message

Access to content on My5 will only be granted if the system can confirm that the connection is being made from within the United Kingdom, which means that connections via VPN and those that don't confirm an IP address will be blocked.

When accessing via VPN or from a network that cannot be identified as being located in the UK you may be presented with a CA-3001 error or an unknown error when trying to play content. You may also find that adverts will play but then content will not, as the verification for this comes at the point that content is due to start.

If you are within the UK, please try turning off your VPN, waiting a few minutes to ensure your IP address has cleared and changed from the one attached to your VPN and you should then be able to play content on the platform.

If you are not using a VPN but are still having problems playing content, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check that your connection confirms as being in the UK and is not being used as a proxy server.