Live Channel Feed Problems on My5

***RESOLVED - We believe that this issue is now resolved, but we are continuing to monitor the live channel feeds to ensure that there are no further problems ***

We have an ongoing problem with the live channel feeds on My5 and our Tech Team are working to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

The live channel feeds for Channel 5, 5USA, 5Star, 5Select and Paramount Network have now been restored, but we are aware that there is currently no audio on the Channel 5, 5Select and Paramount Network feeds. 

The issue stems from a technical issue experienced by one of our partners over the weekend.

Please be assured that we are working to get this issue fully resolved and will look to have the live feeds for all channels restored as soon as we can.

In the meantime our live broadcast channels are unaffected and you can still watch all of our catch-up content on My5.