What are rights?

Every show on Channel 5, 5Spike, 5STAR and 5USA is added to Demand 5 subject to licensing agreements, or rights. 

Rights affect things such as:

  • Regions where content can be distributed
  • The length of time content can be offered on demand
  • The ways you can watch content on various devices
  • Whether content can be downloaded, or watched on a TV set

On My5.tv, smart TVs, games consoles, tablets and smartphones, each show is made available for the maximum licence duration. Normally this is a minimum of 7 days. 

Shows which are commissioned (owned) by Channel 5 will typically be available for a year or more.

Acquired shows, such as US dramas, films and documentaries, will be available for 7 to 30 days depending on the show.

There are a couple exceptions. The PlayStation 3 is the only console which has content scheduled for 30 days (all other consoles have content scheduled for the maximum). Virgin Media has a Video On Demand (VOD) window of 7 days.