My5 on Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players

My5 is now available on 2013-2020 Samsung TVs.

Supported models are as follows:

17TV_PREMIUM UMU9000, UMU8000, UMU7500, UMU70A0, UMU7000, UMU66A0, UMU6500, UMU64A0, UMU6470, UMU6400, UMQS9, UMLS003, QMS9Y, QMQ9F, QMQ8C, QMQ7FD, QMQ7F, QMQ7C, UMU6300, UMU6100, UMU6000, UMUF31E, UMU6100, UMU6310, UMU6320, UMUF30E
17TV_STANDARD UM6300, UM5600, UM5520, UM5510, UM5500, UM5300, UM4500
17AV_BD UBD-MM95C, UBD-MM95, UBD-MM90C, UBD-MM90, UBD-MM85C, UBD-MM85, UBD-M9500B, UBD-M9500, UBD-M9000B, UBD-M9000, UBD-M8500B, UBD-M8500
16TV_PREMIUM UKS9800, UKS9500, UKS9000, UKS8500, UKS8000, UKS7500, UKS7000, UKU66A0, UKU6510, UKU6500, UKU64A0, UKU6400
16TV_STANDARD1 UKU630D, UKU6300, UKU6000
16TV_STANDARD2 UK6300, UK6250, UK6200, UK5600, UK5520, UK5510, UK5500, UK5300, UK4300
15TV_PREMIUM UJS9000, UJS9500, UJS9800, UJS9900
15TV_STANDARD1 UJU5900, UJU5910, UJU5920, UJU8000, UJU7800, UJU7500, UJU7000, UJS8500, UJS8000, UJU6900, UJU6410, UJU6400, UJU6300, UJS6900, UJU6390, UJU6000, UJU6100, ULS001U, US9A, UJU6800, UJU6740, UJU6700, UJU6600, UJU6510, UJU6500, UJS8600, UJS6700, UJU7090
15TV_STANDARD2 UJ6400, UJS6000, UJ6330, UJ6300, UJ6240, UJ6200, UJ5520, UJ5510, UJ5500, UJ5300, TE390S, ULS001F, ULS001H, US9F
15TV_ENTRY UJ4300, UJ5300
16AV_BD UBD-K8500, UBD-KM85C, UBD-KM85
14TV_PREMIUM US9CN, US9VCN, US9V, UF9000, UHU8500CV, UHU9000, UHU9800, US9, UHU7500, UHU8500, H8000C, PE8500, UF7000, UF7400, UF7450, UF7500, UF8000, UF8200, UES9500, H8800
14TV_STANDARD1 UH4500, UH4570, UH6400, UH6410, UH6500, UH6600, UH6700, UH7000, UH7100, UH5500, UH6300, UH5570, UH6200
14TV_STANDARD2 UH6500, UH6510, UH6600, UH6700, UH7000p
14TV_STANDARD3 UHU6900, UHU7000, UHU5900, UHU6000, UHU7500, UHU8500
14/15AV_BD HT-H6500WM, HT-H6550WK, HT-H6550WM, HT-H7500WM, HT-H7730WM, HT-H7750WM, BD-H6500, BD-HM65
14TV_ENTRY UH4303, UH5303, UH6203


If you're not sure which model you have, you can find out on the Samsung website.

The My5 app will be available via the Samsung App Store, which can be accessed by pressing the Samsung Home button on the remote control. You can then select the My5 application, and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

You will not be required to register or sign in to view content on this version of the app.

Many programmes support subtitles. These are flagged by an ’S' icon in the programme detail page and can be turned on by:

  • Pressing Red button within programme playback
  • Going to Player Settings in the Tools menu