How to Register for a FREE My5 Account

My5 is a 100% FREE service with no subscription fee - you will never be charged to use My5.

You will be asked to register (for FREE) and sign-in to My5 in order to watch your favourite shows. You can read this article to find out why you need to register: Why do I need to sign-in to watch My5?

Registration is simple, please follow the below steps.

If you are trying to Register/Sign-in to My5 on a television or streaming device attached to your TV, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Go to (this is a separate site to the My5 website)
  • Sign-in to an existing My5 account or create a new account by clicking on the Register tab
  • Once signed in you should see six blank boxes
  • Now open the My5 app on your TV/streaming device
  • The six-digit activation code will appear when you are asked to sign-in
  • Enter that code in the boxes on the activation website (as above) and click submit

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