How do I find the show I want to watch?

My5 offers a wide selection of shows from Channel 5, 5Spike, 5USA, 5STAR, 5SELECT and 5ACTION. My5 also carries a selection of Milkshake! shows.

However, not all shows are available on My5 due to rights restrictions.

What are rights?

When Channel 5 broadcasts a show, it has obtained the rights to broadcast that content in the UK. For some shows, it will also have obtained specific rights to offer the content on demand via the internet.

Rights affect My5 in the following ways: 

  • Sometimes Channel 5 cannot obtain these on demand rights for a particular show
  • In some cases, Channel 5 can obtain the rights for a limited period of time. Examples include shows featuring sports clips or musical performances, shows originally made overseas and some Milkshake programmes
  • Often older shows cannot be added to the service because Channel 5 obtained them before My5 existed
  • Sometimes we cannot offer the same shows on every app or device due to rights restrictions

When to find new shows

If Channel 5 has the rights to a show, it typically becomes available on My5 while it is being broadcast on TV.

Some shows become available after a delay. These include:

  • Live broadcast shows, such as Jeremy Vine
  • Sports such as boxing, where matches finishes very close to the next show