Video playback is jerky, stuttering or freezes completely. What’s wrong?

My5 streams content directly from the internet. 

Occasionally, you may experience problems with the quality of video, such as:

  • Jerky playback
  • Video or sound that appears to shudder or stutter
  • Video or audio that suddenly stops
  • Audio that is not correctly synced to the video
  • Problems watching content after the ads
  • Slow performance when using a My5 app

Determining the cause

Most playback problems are caused by the speed and quality of your broadband connection.

Other potential causes include:

  • Problems with your router or modem
  • Network traffic shaping or throttling, where your connection may be slowed down by your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • The amount of traffic on the network
  • The amount of memory in your device
  • The number of applications open on your device

Solving playback problems

If you experience problems, we recommend:

  • Closing browser tabs and windows
  • Closing any unnecessary applications
  • Rebooting your device
  • Checking your ISP’s traffic-shaping policy
  • Trying again outside of peak periods

If you continue to experience problems with playback, please read our Video playback checklist.