Why does the My5 Android app request permission to access my camera?

The brand new My5 Android app has just been released for mobiles and tablets.

As part of the launch we have added a survey tool to ask you for feedback - good or bad - on the new app. We're keen to know what you think, better understand if you're experiencing problems and gather  what additional features you'd like to see. The tool appears on the app in the bottom right corner as a green chat icon.


The tool allows you to add a picture to your written feedback, such as a screenshot of your device if you are having a problem with the app. This is the only reason we ask for permission to access your camera. We do not access your images or camera for any other reason. 


It is not necessary to accept the request to access your camera to continue using My5. If you do accept, you can change your mind at any time and amend the permission by updating access in Settings:

Settings >  Apps > My5 > Permissions