Beware - Scam QR code reader apps

We are aware of some scam QR code reader apps on the market that can redirect users to unofficial non-Channel 5 websites that are asking users to pay a fee to register for My5.

My5 is a 100% free service with no subscription fee - you will never be charged to use My5. If you are asked to pay a fee then you are not on the official My5 site and you should not continue.

We recommend only using the built-in QR reader in Apple IOS   or Android with Lens enabled. 

The My5 registration process on big-screen devices and smart TV's uses a QR code similar to the one below that you can scan using your mobile phone to open the My5 Activate website at, and from there you can register for a free My5 account or sign-in.


You can ensure you are on the My5 Activate website by checking the address and the padlock is displayed, e.g:

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